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Roll-On base for No-Mar Tyre Changers YellowThing Bead Keeper
YellowThing® Bead Keeper
Our Price: $36.00 USD
Hitch Mount accessory for all Classic Model Tyre Changers 2005-2016. Fits Reese Class 2 Receiver.  Use instead of Stand. Make your changer portable!!!  Saves room and allows maximum portability.  Perfect those who have no hitch or  room for a permanent mount, as well as for track days!  Comes with 1/2" Mounting bolts & washers.  New White/Black Vein colour for 2016! Worlds Best motorcycle tire bead-keeper tool.
XtraHand Clamp Tyre Tool Mount / Demount Bar Posi-Clamps
Tyre Changer Mount / Demount Bar
Our Price: $125.00 USD
Deal of the Day Price: $99.00 USD
You save $26.00!
Our Price: $165.00 USD
The XtraHand helping hand.

The world's first, truly non-marring Mount/Demount bar with replaceable tips developed by No-Mar over 15 years ago. Our patented bar is the perfect accessory for any manual tyre changer!
This is the one all the imitators try to copy!

*Colour may vary depending on availability.
Posi-Clamps® for Heavy Cruisers, Dirt-bikes, ADV and ATV! Fits Classic Model Tyre Changer
Silver 16-inch SpoonBars Silver 16-inch SpoonBars Blue 16-inch SpoonBars
Silver-vein SpoonBars with built-in rim protection. Our tough SpoonBar tyre levers with replaceable non-marring rim protecting tips. Blue SpoonBars with built-in rim protection.
SpoonBar® 21" Tyre Lever - Silver Pit Posse Tyre Spoons Motion Pro Rim Shields II
Pit Posse Tyre Levers (2pk)
Our Price: $24.95 USD
Rim Shields II
Our Price: $14.95 USD
Longer for MORE LEVERAGE - Now 21 inches long! The Best little Spoon Bars!

Prevents rim damage from tire levers during tire change.