Tyre Changer and Package Comparison Chart

Capacity Differences for No-Mar Tyre Changers

Cycle Hill
Clamping Range (in inches) 8.625" - 22.625" 11.625" - 22.625"
Clamping Range (in Rim Size) 7" - 21" 10" - 21"
Tyre OD clearance Unlimited 31.5"
Max. Pully Clearance 4" 2.5" (4" w/Posi-Clamps®)
Bead Breaker Clearance 8" 10.5"
Bead Breaker Arm Length 30" 36"
Single Sided Swing Arm Ready Yes Yes
Upper Arm Movement N/A Fully adjustable: Rotates and Slides
Working Floor Space 5' Diameter Circle 5' Diameter Circle
Minimum Wall Clearance 12" from rear 12" from Back Post

With each tyre changer, you get the following:

Cycle Hill
Cycle Hill Tyre Changer Classic Model Tyre Changer
Patented Posi-Clamps® Wheel Clamping System Patented Locking Cam & Blocks Wheel Clamping System
Floor Stand
(Optional Roll-On Base Available)
Floor Stand
(Optional Hitch Mount or Roll-On Base Available)
Patented Mount/Demount bar Patented Mount/Demount bar
1 Spare Demount Tip 1 Spare Demount Tip
Tyre Lube and Spray Bottle Tyre Lube and Spray Bottle
3 Center Posts 1 YellowThing® Bead Keeper Tool
Floor-Level Bead Breaking with ATV Bead BreakerWaist High Bead Breaking with Scratch-Proof Bead Breaker
5 Year Limited Warranty*
Lifetime Limited Warranty*

Expert Recommendations

Cycle Hill Tyre Changer


Cycle Hill CH-100

For the occasional tyre change. Intended for home use only. Ideal for Dirt Bike, ATV, Harley Davidson, and Vintage wheels. Will work on all wheels however it is not as ergonomic and the standard No-Mar tyre changers. Includes our Posi-Clamps® Patented Wheel Clamping System. Clamps wheels well but limited clamping pressure is understood with the smallest frame arm structure. YellowThing® Bead Keeper Tool, Scratch-Proof Bead Breaker, Spoon Bars and Roll-On Base are available accessories. Praised by Motorcycle Consumer News.

Classic Model Tyre Changer

Classic Model

Designed for all normal size motorcycle wheels and average size automotive wheels. Some accessories may be necessary for Cruisers, Dirt bikes and ATV tyres. Includes our fast and efficient patented locking Cam & Dog Blocks for clamping wheels. Options Include: Hitch Mount, ATV Bead Breaker, Posi-Clamps®, SpoonBars®, XtraHand® Clamps. Designed for all standard, sport, and sport touring wheels. Commercial grade. High Praise by Motorcyclist Magazine, Cycleworld, Sport Bike Rider for over 15 years!